test-shooting for a little downhill video

Last saturday we went out in the woods to spot some nice locations for shooting a small downhill mountainbike-movie. It was raining heavily, still I got my gear with me and did some test-shots with it. I haven´t really used the video-mode of my EOS 7D yet, so this was a good chance for me to practice.

Turns out, there are two video-modes: Full auto and manual. Forget about the auto-mode, it changes the ISO, aperture and exposition constantly. So I did it in manual mode right from the start. I was a little overextended with the manual refocussing of a (fast!) moving object, zooming and panning the camera without shaking it on the tripod. So we did some shots with still camera, some drive-bys and I experimented with the 70-200 lens. Surprisingly, I got the best results with the tele lens, it just is really nice to handle. The Canon L-series is worth every penny! 🙂

`Nuff said, here is a first little preview of the results:

Über Bene

I bin da Scheef vo dera Seitn do!
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2 Antworten zu test-shooting for a little downhill video

  1. bjoern sagt:

    might take a while. i took the bike apart. rebuild is expected to be finished in february.

  2. A55! sagt:

    what can I say else? Simply: I really like that and I’m longing for the full-vid … 🙂

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